SDO 50V2


The unique design features of the SDO 50V2 provide a superior payload capacity, prolonged endurance, stable flight patterns and a high degree of safety features. 

An integrated autopilot system allows autonomous take-off and landing procedures as well as autonomous flight patterns following pre-set trajectories.


Rotor system Flettner Double Rotor System
Rotor diameter 2 x 2,80m
Engine Turbine Jet Engine
Fuel Diesel / Jet A1
Dimensions L x W x H 2.32m x 0.70m x 0.98m
Empty weight 36 Kg
Payload Max 50 Kg
MTOW 86 Kg
Max. fuel capacity Main tank 13 lt. + add. tanks (2 x 4 lt.) (2 x 7 lt.) (2 x 13 lt.)
Service ceiling up to 10'000 feet MSL/400m AGL (ISA conditions)
Max. Airspeed 15 m/s



All performance specifications about the SDO 50V2 and for the GCS depend
on payload configuration!

E.g. with Leica RCD30 payload you have other specs for altitude and airspeed!


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