SwissDrones Helicopter Drone
Search Rescue Drone

Search and Rescue

Unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, allowing for individual payload configurations including stabilized IR/optical cameras and missions under difficult or dangerous circumstances (e.g. bad weather, darkness, flying over hostile or otherwise unsafe areas) when manned operations are not feasible.

The SDO 50 V2 is also capable of providing real-time data and visual information in case of natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes flooding, or hurricanes to help first responders and civil protection organizations with better situational awareness.

Typical customer segments include public safety organizations such as police, border control, coast guard, first responders as well as fire departments and civil protection.

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SwissDrones High-Tech Company

SwissDrones is a high-tech company based in Switzerland, which specializes in the development, manufacturing and deployment of unmanned helicopters (UAVs) for superior endurance in critical aerial applications.

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