SDO 50 V2 can improve data collection accuracy and efficiency. Optimize workflow productivity and save hours of work on every project.
We offer a wide range of solutions for surveillance and inspection missions, from law enforcement to humanitarian operations.
SDO 50 V2 can be be used in a wide spectrum of transport and logistics activities, from e-commerce package delivery to transport of medicines.
SwissDrones is offering the tailor-made customization and adaptation of its existing products and technologies to your needs.

Ready to fly in 15 minutes

Only a 2-person crew is needed

Easy to be transported in the back of a SUV

Easy sensor integration

Key differentials

  • Superior payload capacity (+ 45kg)
  • Prolonged endurance (> 2 hour)
  • Stable flight patterns
  • High degree safety features
  • Optimized cost/benefit-ratio

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