Mapping and Surveying

Unmanned aerial systems offer a cost effective and efficient alternative to manned airborne systems and ground systems. Swissdrone’s SDO 50 V2 is a next generation UAS with class leading payload capability, can conduct topographic surveys to asses site feasibility and offer in-depth information of environmental risks. SDO 50 V2 can be equipped with top of the range LiDAR, hyperspectral camera, multispectral camera or high definition camera module for surveying and mapping applications.

Airborne LiDAR has a high angled view point from above, thus minimising the blind spot. LiDAR equipped SDO 50 V2 can map areas that are inaccessible or dangerous for ground based equipment. Airborne LiDAR is the most rapid method for acquiring accurate 3D data, which can be applied in many applications.

Multispectral sensors on drones allow the farmers manage crops, soil, fertilizing and irrigation more effectively. There are significant benefits both to the farmer and to the wider environment by minimizing the use of fertilizers and wastage of water while increasing the yield.

Hyperspectral imagery helps in mineral exploration. Low-altitude remote sensing has application in numerous industries including agriculture, mining, energy, and environmental industries.

High definition drone cameras can produce detailed photos and video footage of the environment for surveying and inspection purposes.


  • Terrain models for land usage/city planning
  • Engineering designs
  • Landslides
  • Pipelines
  • Real estate
  • Power lines
  • Highways and railways
  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Forest coverage and biomass
  • Irregular area for rapid volume calculations coastal lines
  • Mapping of excavation sites
  • Mapping of construction sites
  • Mining