SwissDrones and Aero Facility announce strategic partnership in Japan

Tokyo, Japan (May 15, 2020) – SwissDrones, a leading manufacturer of unmanned VTOL helicopter platforms for critical aerial applications, and Aero Facility, a well-known aviation trading company based in Japan, announced today a new strategic partnership for joint market development and growth in the Japanese unmanned aviation market. The company Aero Facility was established in 1993 and has been assigned as the official distributor of…

High altitude tests

We have finalized the comprehensive testing of the SDO 50 V2 at 11,500 ft AMSL (density altitude) at -10º Celsius and windy / gusty conditions, successfully demonstrating nearly uncompromised performance of the unmanned aircraft! Thanks to our highly-valued partners at Air Zermatt (Switzerland), the professional experts in mountain rescue.

SwissDrones and Eire Aviation go Oceania

Aviation technology and advisory leader Éire Aviation announced today that it has partnered with SwissDrones in the Asia-Pacific region. The move continues Éire Aviation’s technology partnerships. Éire Aviation will have exclusivity over the sale of the SDO 50 V2 product to the resource industries including mining, oil & gas, forestry and energies in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Papua New…

Expanding in Canada together with Nuskan

SwissDrones is proud to grow its close collaboration with Nuskan, our Canadian commercial partner. Marketing activities have started, please reach out to us on and we connect you with the right contact point.

SwissDrones and ADASI jointly participate at UMEX, Abu Dhabi

Together with our highly valued partner ADASI we are getting ready for our participation at UMEX (FEB 23-25) in Abu Dhabi, the major event in the Middle East dedicated for drones, robotics, and unmanned systems. Besides our event participation we will also perform demo flights of the SDO-50V2. Our flagship product is focused on superior endurance in critical aerial applications…

SwissDrones appoints new CEO

SwissDrones is pleased to announce the on-boarding of its new CEO Ulrich Amberg with immediate effect. Ulrich takes over from Lukas Obrist, who has served the company as Interim CEO during the past two years, largely responsible for the lead in its successful optimization efforts and strategic preparation for scalable expansion. Lukas will re-focus his activities to the role as…

South American developments

Español: Vemos un buen potencial de mercado para América del Sur para sistemas no tripulados superiores como el SDO-50V2 de SwissDrones en aplicaciones como gobierno / defensa, búsqueda y rescate, vigilancia, petróleo y gas, minería, seguridad y transporte remoto. Português: Vemos um bom potencial de mercado para Brasil para sistemas não tripulados superiores, como o SDO-50V2 da SwissDrones, em aplicações…

ADASI (UAE) partners with Swissdrones (CH) exclusively for infrastructure surveying, security, and search and rescue operations

Dubai-UAE: #ADASI, the regional leader in autonomous systems and services, today signed a contract with #SwissDrones, a high-tech company based in Switzerland, that specialises in the development and production of UAVs for superior endurance in critical unmanned aerial applications. The partnership will allow ADASI to integrate other payloads on SwissDrones’ SDO-50V2, and exclusively sell the drone within the UAE. Once…

Recent demo days in Canada together with SAIT

A few visual impressions from our recent demo days in Calgary, Canada together with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)… thank you #SAIT and all our valued partners and colleagues involved!


Superior payload up to 43 kg (95 pounds)

Endurance up to 3h (depending on configuration)

Rapid logistics (2 men, van or pick-up, set-up in 15 minutes)

Multiple sensor integration and product customization

Stable flight patterns (withstanding critical conditions)

Swiss quality and engineering


Rotary system: Flettner double rotor system (4 blades)
Rotor diameter: 2 x 2,82 m
Engine: High performance turbine
Fuel: JET A1
Fuel consumption: Approx. 15 L / hour
Dimension l/w/h: 2,32 m x 0,7 m x 0,92 m
Data link: 40 km, extendable, radio line of sight
Max. payload: 45 kg (including fuel)
MTOW: 87 kg (including fuel)
Max. fuel capacity: Main tank 13 L; additional tanks available for longer flying time (2 x 4 L; 2 x 7 L; 2 x 13 L; 2x 17 L)
Max. flight time: Up to 3.1 hours
Max. service ceiling: 10,000 ft (3,000 m) AMSL
Max. indicative air speed: 20 m/s (72 km/h)
Note: All performance data about the SDO-50V2 and the GCS are subject to change, depending on final payload configuration.

Aerial surveillance

More payload means the capacity of carrying the best in class ISR sensors over longer distances with more time in the air.

Our solution

Aerial surveillance will give you unparalleled flexibility compared to traditional surveillance methods. Most of the traditional surveillance is limited by the stationary nature of the observer or camera. Earlier aerial surveillance methods using helicopters deemed expensive and risky for human lives.

The SDO-50V2 with its class leading payload capability allows the user to choose the best camera system for their mission regardless of weight. Higher payload capacity means you will be able to carry multiple sensors or fly much longer.

A key advantage of the SDO-50V2 aerial system is its ability to collect imagery, ideally suited for reconnaissance or rapid situation awareness with application for decision makers to detect, monitor and act upon potential threats from a safe distance.

The SDO-50V2 has long endurance and quick turn around time. You will always have and eye in the sky when and where your need it the most.


Search large areas with high-definition thermal and infrared video sensors when the cost or risk for manned operations is not justifiable.

Our solution

Such services are increasingly used by emergency services, such as police officers, firefighters or volunteer rescue teams searching vast areas in critical conditions.

The SDO-50V2 can also provide real-time visual information and data for better situational awareness in the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane. Our services can also become essential in order to locate a lost person in the jungles, mountains or valleys. This results in less people needed to locate and rescue an injured person or group of people as well as reducing the costs and risks of such missions.


More precise, quick and cost-sensitive inspections and mapping of remote strategic assets and areas.

Our solution

Regular inspections of critical infrastructure, such as high tension power lines, gas and oil pipelines and power plants are imperative for their uninterrupted operation and security. Downtime of infrastructure is costly and inspection/maintenance operations can often be dangerous to personnel. In the recent years UAVs have proven to be invaluable in these operations.

The SDO-50V2 can also conduct topographic surveys to asses site feasibility and offer in-depth information of environmental risks while being equipped with top of the range LiDAR, hyperspectral, multispectral or high definition camera modules.


Delivery of medical supplies, fast response and critical material transported cost-efficiently, 24/7 and with less human risk to remote locations and infrastructure.

Every second matters in a medical emergency and when the SDO50-V2 can help you save valuable time and money in those situations. Our services and technologies can access places where poor infrastructure has made it difficult to reach patients in need.

Transport efficiently and safely critical spare parts and repair material from on-shore sites to off-shore drilling rigs, platforms and other installations.

Reduce human risks and operational costing by doing it with the SDO-50V2.

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