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As a leading manufacturer and operator of long-range unmanned helicopter systems, SwissDronesenables safe and cost-effective unmanned aerial intelligence solutions for surveillance, inspection and search & rescue missions beyond visual line of sight.

SwissDrones’ unique twin-rotor unmanned helicopter systems are designed to replace manned helicopters at reduced costs, significantly lower carbon emissions and without putting crews at risk when operating in challenging conditions. The systems allow for integration of high-end sensor payloads and enable long-range, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations both at day and night with a flight endurance of multiple hours. SwissDrones’ aircraft are in operation across Asia, Europe, and North America.

SwissDrones was founded in 2013 and is based out of Switzerland with its headquarters in Zurich and its manufacturing site in Buchs (St. Gallen). It has been named a Top 50 Global UAV Enterprise by the World UAV Federation and a Top 40 Civil Drone Platform Manufacturer by Drone Industry Insights.
swiss drones headquartersa SwissDrones van used as a portable pilot station

Customer and Partner Experiences

Elia Group International

We are very pleased with the performance of SwissDrones’ SDO 50 unmanned helicopter platform that has been successfully deployed for the first ever BVLOS missions of heavy drones above 25kg of take-off weight in Belgium in 2021. These missions included individual flights over more than 100km distance to inspect our powerlines. A platform like SwissDrones’ SDO 50 will be instrumental in supporting the digital transformation of powerline inspections in the coming years.

DLR - German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.)

We have been successfully operating SwissDrones’ SDO 50 V2 uncrewed helicopters over multiple years for various research projects as part of our comprehensive Autonomous Rotorcraft Testbed for Intelligent Systems (ARTIS) facility – we call the platform superARTIS. It serves as a testbed for various instruments and technologies and components for autonomous flight and is capable of flying beyond visual range, has a high payload capacity and is easily modified.

Jupem (Antaragrafik Systems), Malaysia

The team of SwissDrones made the highest unmanned multispectral sensor survey possible using the Leica RCD30. Heavy payload and hot conditions in Malaysia proved to be no issue for the SDO 50 V2. We received great support from the team and experienced high product reliability.

Air Zermatt

We partnered with SwissDrones to test and validate their unmanned helicopter’s performance in extreme high altitude conditions. We were impressed by the aircraft’s ability to operate at 11,500 ft AMSL, in -10º Celsius temperatures and during windy and gusty conditions – all while remaining well within its performance envelope. SwissDrones has clearly raised the bar.

Federal Office for Civil Protection – FOCP

We used the SwissDrones SDO 50 V2 as part of our annual radiometric survey. The system performed flawlessly, detecting and collecting radiological information around critical sites and non-accessible areas. SwissDrones proved to be a rapid, cost-effective aerial data gathering platform and we would definitely consider using it again.

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SwissDrones is a leading manufacturer and operator of long-range unmanned helicopter systems designed to replace manned helicopters for safe and cost-effective aerial intelligence gathering in surveillance, linear inspection and search & rescue missions beyond visual line of sight.
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