SwissDrones Helicopter Drone

SDO 50 V2

High quality unmanned helicopter system with
superior endurance and payload capacity.

Payload 45 kg (99 pounds),
including fuel
Autonomy Up to 3.1 h
(long-range BVLOS)
Weather Operational in difficult
weather conditions
Sensors Single or multiple
high-quality sensors
Deployment 2 crew, 15 min,
Swiss Quality Highest safety and quality standards
Cost / Risk Reduction Compared to manned helicopters
Low Carbon Footprint Significant fuel reduction

Key advantages

Missions are possible under difficult or dangerous circumstances (e.g. bad weather, darkness, flying over hostile or otherwise unsafe areas) when manned operations are not feasible.

Cost effective compared to a manned IFR/night VFR airborne solution.

Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability of drone.

Feasible for covert operations due to low noise emission compared to manned systems.

Emergency gear can be airlifted to inaccessible/hazardous places.

Rapid deployment. System is ground transportable to venue of mission by means of a van or pick-up.

Set-up in 15 min by a crew of two people. Less skilled operating force required compared to manned systems.

SwissDrones product video (English)

See the applications:

Aerial Surveillance Search and Rescue Inspections

Technical details:
Rotary system: Flettner double rotor system (4 blades)
Rotor diameter: 2 x 2,82 m
Engine: High performance turbine
Fuel: JET A1
Fuel consumption: Approx. 15 L / hour
Dimension l/w/h: 2,32 m x 0,7 m x 0,92 m
Max. payload: 45 kg (including fuel)
MTOW: 87 kg (including fuel)
Max. fuel capacity: Main tank 13 L; additional tanks available
for longer flying time (2 x 4 L; 2 x 7 L; 2 x 13 L; 2 x 17 L)
Max. flight time: Up to 3.1 h
Max. service ceiling: 10,000 ft (3000 m) AMSL
Max. indicative air speed: 20 m/s (72 km/h)
Data link: 40 km, extendable, with radio line of sight

VIDEO: The SDO 50 V2 in 3D (English)

Temperature range:
Min. -10 °C / Max. +40 °C

Max. up to 10’000 ft AMSL

Rain and snow

Max. resistance: 20 Knots

Can operate in conditions when
manned helicopters have

Weather conditions

The SDO 50 V2 is made for missions in critical conditions, such as windy, rain and snow, day and night, at high altitude, a large spectrum of temperatures and with no crew at risk.

Operations and mission deployment

The SDO 50 V2 system can be operated as a permanent installation, as part of a ship operation, be made ground transportable to the venue of mission by means of a van or pick-up or be deployed in combination with helicopters.

15 min set-up by 2 person crew,
transported by van or pick-up.

Permanent installation at strategic location.

Take-off and landing on a moving ship.

Combination of deployment with other fast-response mechanisms such as helicopters.

Ship integration

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