Cost-effective and safe replacement
of manned helicopters

Inspection & Monitoring

Ongoing inspections of critical infrastructure such as high-voltage power lines, gas & oil pipelines and other far-stretched assets are critical for their uninterrupted operation and security. We offer cost-effective unmanned solutions using market-leading cameras, sensors and software to address customer-specific needs for aerial data gathering and processing.
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Downtime of infrastructure is costly and manned inspection operations can often be dangerous to personnel. Unmanned aerial vehicles can access hard-to-reach places faster, cheaper and with less risk than manual inspections, and potentially allow the asset to remain on line.

The SDO 50 V2 can also be used for environmental monitoring applications including topography & vegetation mapping, detection of exhaust emissions (e.g., sulfur), or nuclear radiation. Further sensor payloads can be integrated for customer-specific use cases.


BVLOS Flights over 100 KM (Belgium)
RTE Challenge – Power Line Inspection in France
Radioactive Particle Detection (Switzerland)

Search and Rescue

Agile support of SAR missions using specific camera systems and sensors to locate missing people in inaccessible or hazardous areas (land or water), also in adverse weather conditions and at night. Once target persons are located, emergency gear such as survival kits, medical devices, food, rafts can be airlifted and dropped to support their recovery and rescue.
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The SDO 50 V2 is also capable of providing real-time data and visual information in case of natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes flooding, or hurricanes to help first responders and civil protection organizations with better situational awareness.

Typical customer segments include public safety organizations such as police, border control, coast guard, first responders as well as fire departments and civil protection.


High-Altitude Flights (Zermatt)
National Search And Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia (Basarnas)

Aerial Surveillance

Unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, allowing for individual payload configurations including stabilized IR/optical cameras and missions under difficult or dangerous circumstances (e.g., bad weather, darkness, flying over hostile or otherwise unsafe areas) when manned operations are not feasible.
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The SDO 50 V2 with its class-leading payload capability allows the user to choose the best camera system for the mission. High payload capacity means you will be able to carry multiple sensors and/or achieve a much longer endurance than most alternative drone platforms available in the market.

The key advantage SDO 50 V2 is its ability to collect high resolution videos and imagery, ideally suited for reconnaissance or rapid situational awareness for decision-makers, to track target objects in real-time and to detect, monitor and act upon potential threats from a safe distance.


We deliver end-to-end data intelligence solutions

graph of Swiss drones end to end solutions

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SwissDrones is a leading manufacturer and operator of long-range unmanned helicopter systems designed to replace manned helicopters for safe and cost-effective aerial intelligence gathering in surveillance, linear inspection and search & rescue missions beyond visual line of sight.
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