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SDO-50V2 – 360 VR view

Operating AG Search and Rescue Jakarta Indonesia

SDO-50V2 – Endurance test in extreme weather conditions

SDO-50V2 – Swiss Helicopter payload delivery system demonstration

SDO-50V2 with solid flight and maneuverability facing wind gusts of 28 km/h (17.4 mph)

SDO 50 V2 – Payload delivery system test

High-end LiDAR sensor applications with SDO-50V2

Epsilon 175 (MWIR, EO, Illuminator, LRF) integrated with SDO-50V2

Safe operation in controlled airspace (ATC)

LiDAR-based area and corridor mapping in Thailand

GCH UAV operating the SDO-50V2 in New Zealand

Speeding 100 km/h [27.7 m/s]

SDO-50V2 – 3D presentation

SDO-50V2 product video

Inspection & mapping video

Search & rescue video

Detect and Measure Radioactive Particles

High Altitude Flights

RTE Challenge – Power Line Inspection in France

Company video

Aerial surveillance video

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SwissDrones is a leading manufacturer and operator of long-range unmanned helicopter systems designed to replace manned helicopters for safe and cost-effective aerial intelligence gathering in surveillance, linear inspection and search & rescue missions beyond visual line of sight.
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