October 13, 2023
SwissDrones gets ‘unprecedented’ FAA authorization for nation-wide BVLOS operations
swissdrones bvlos long-range uav uas unmanned uncrewed

The authorization for SwissDrones’ SDO 50 V2 single-turbine uncrewed helicopter system marks the first-of-its-kind in the US. It establishes a clear regulatory pathway, setting a precedent for other organisations using the system to gain BVLOS approvals for their operations. Ulrich Amberg, CEO of SwissDrones, said: “We take great pride in our partnership with Phoenix Air Unmanned, which has resulted in securing this first-in-kind BVLOS authorisation in the United States."

William E. Lovett III, managing director of Phoenix Air Unmanned, said: “The SwissDrones SDO 50 V2 represents a game-changing advancement for our operations and clients in the Utility and Energy space, providing advanced sensor packages and an endurance capacity far surpassing what was previously available in the commercial market."

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SwissDrones is a leading manufacturer and operator of long-range unmanned helicopter systems designed to replace manned helicopters for safe and cost-effective aerial intelligence gathering in surveillance, linear inspection and search & rescue missions beyond visual line of sight.
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